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No appointment or tickets needed.

All Street Gallery

77 E 3rd Street, New York, NY 10025

April 18 - May 16, 2024


"Inhale the Exhaust" : Jennifer Saftler, Jodie Niss, Katrina Slavik, Kiki Joyce, K Sarrantonio, Larry Dobens, Liz Johnson, Stephanie Tager, Vickie Byron, Xan Padron, & Young Grace Cho

INHALE THE EXHAUST, a group exhibition of New York based artists, will take place at All Street Gallery (77 East Third Street, New York, NY, 10003) from April 18 - May 16, 2024. The show features works spanning oil painting, textiles, photography, and found object sculpture. The exhibiting artists explore New York’s “lived in” moments, examining the city from within, honoring the seconds of pause and chance encounters that define New York City.


Chinatown Soup

16B Orchard Street, New York, NY 10002

April 9 - April 21, 2024

Reception: Friday April 12, 6-8 pm

"Groundbreaking" : Tess Michalik

‘Groundbreaking’ is an exhibition of oil paintings by Brooklyn-based artist Tess Michalik. The titular riff on Miranda Priestley's iconic, sardonic "florals for spring" moment invites viewers to pause and reconsider our collective relief and wonder when flowers break ground as a ritualistic and sacred phenomenon. This is how Tess's impasto floral pattern motifs make people feel. Unhinged and possessed, like a merge of deKooning and Kate Spade, the artist renders petals in thick strokes that appear still wet, rippling with the energy of the season.


Cindy Rucker Gallery

143B Orchard Street, New York, NY 10002

March 14 - April 27, 2024


"Shoto Kohagura & Julius Linnenbrink" : Shoto Kohagura & Julius Linnenbrink

The artists in this exhibition similarly explore themes of spirituality, consciousness, and personal identity in their work. While the works are an expression of both internal and external conflict, they reflect on our collective relationship to the universe in a muted or exuberant response.


Cristin Tierney Gallery

219 Bowery, Floor 2 New York, NY 10002

March 8 - April 20, 2024


"Cross Cut" : Debbi Kenote and Mark Sengbusch



34 E Broadway, New York, NY 10002

April 11 - May 19, 2024


"The Life Cycle of Venus" : Peter Caine

Come enjoy Peter Caine's animatronic installation of animatronic mermaids.


GR Gallery

255 Bowery, New York, NY 10002

April 5 - April 27, 2024

"Vitamins 4 Your Soul" : David Von Bahr & Weiyang Gao

GR Gallery is pleased to announce “Vitamins 4 your Soul” and “The Fire Is Burning in my Heart”, two concurrent solo exhibitions featuring artists David Von Barr and Weiyang Gao. The shows will reveal, for the first time in a public exhibition, the latest series of artworks that the artists have been working on for the past months. These two separate new bodies of work will independently invade the gallery space, contrasting and counterbalancing each other in an ideal conversation that will blur the boundaries of abstraction and figuration. The shows will put together a total of sixteen paintings on canvas in various sizes.


Hal Bromm Gallery

90 West Broadway, New York, NY 10007

April 18 - June 28, 2024


"Rosemarie Castoro: Between The Lines" : Rosemarie Castoro

Important early works by the pioneering conceptualist painter and sculptor Rosemarie Castoro will open April 18th at Hal Bromm/Tribeca.



102 Eldridge Street, New York, NY 10002

Ongoing thru April 30


"Collectible Design: Ceramics, Furniture & Lighting" : Gunnar Nylund, Paavo Tynell, Lisa Johansson-Pape & more!

The best stuff.



175 Rivington Street, New York, NY 10002

April 4 - 27, 2024


"THE MAGICAL GARDEN" : Vian Borchert, Sandra Gottlieb, Leah Oates, Joyce Pommer, Gregory Reid, Alexandra Rozenman, Robert Solomon, Philip Verhoeven & Martin Weinstein

The Magical Garden brings together work in various media, painting, photography, and works on paper, that describes and comments on a sensation of natural wonder and bliss while simultaneously going under the surface— when innocence is lost, and when The Magical Garden turns from a children's story to adult fiction. The search for truth and reason, love and enlightenment, nascent, and yet semi-dormant, in children follows us into adulthood and throughout our lives. The Magical Garden stands for both the place and idea of a fledgeling, youthful and prospering humanity where and when nature's harmony is still aligned with our own budding interests and ideas about the world as we perceive it and grow into. Curatorial Exhibition Walk Thru and RECEPTION: THURSDAY, APRIL 18 | 6-8PM.


Massey Klein

124 Forsyth Street, New York, NY 10002

March 29 - May 11, 2024

"Local Realism; and GHOST SHIP: Curated by BOZOMAG and Ramiro Hernandez" : Ramiro Hernandez


McKenzie Fine Art, Inc.

55 Orchard Street, New York, NY 10002

April 18 - May 24, 2024


"James Lecce" : James Lecce​

James Lecce presents new abstract paintings created through layered pours of acrylic polymer emulsion.


Museum at Eldridge Street

12 Eldridge Street, New York, NY 10002

December 3, 2023 - May 5, 2024

Sunday-Friday 10am-5pm

"On the Lower East Side: 28 Remarkable Women... and One Scoundrel" : Adrienne Ottenberg

The Museum at Eldridge Street is proud to present a new exhibition featuring 29 women who lived or worked on the Lower East Side of New York at the turn of the twentieth century. Their mixed media portraits by artist Adrienne Ottenberg incorporate maps of the Lower East Side neighborhood and are printed on silk or cotton banners that will be hung throughout the Museum’s gallery and historic sanctuary. Stories about the women highlight the work, life, and impact they made culturally, on social justice movements, and more.



127 Eldridge Street, New York, NY 10002

April 11 - May 12, 2024


"Mother, Mother, Mother" : Rebecca Goyette​


Steven Harvey

208 Forsyth Street, New York, NY 10002

April 20 - May 25, 2024

Opening Reception: Saturday April 20,


"Susan Lichtman: Autofiction" : Susan Lichtman​

Susan Lichtman's masterful interiors mix a sense of love of place in memory with a rich palette and painterly touch.


Steven S. Powers | Joshua Lowenfels

53 Stanton Street, New York, NY 10002

April 11 - May 18, 2024



This exhibition explores labor through the physical act of creating an exhaustive series of embroideries by our artist Marcia Goldenstein, her subjects' dedications to their visions and advocacy, and an extensive collection of vintage employee identification badges.


Susan Eley Fine Art

190 Orchard Street, New York, NY 10002

April 11 - May 25, 2024


"Femme" : Angela A'Court, Charles Buckley, Deirdre O'Connell, Deborah Freedman, Miriam Hitchcock, Ruth Shively, Jan Testori-Markman, & Ulla Scheinemann

Throughout the history of art the feminine form has served a multitude of purposes as muse, model, object of lust and a representation of societal standards or morals. Presented for public consumption, women’s bodies were displayed as commodities within and for the male gaze. In Femme, SEFA reexamines these notions and explores contemporary depictions of women at our New York City Gallery. The artists featured in this exhibition are Angela A'Court, Charles Buckley, Deirdre O'Connell, Deborah Freedman, Miriam Hitchcock, Ruth Shively, Jan Testori-Markman and Ulla Scheinemann. Femme marks the debut at SEFA for Hitchcock and Testori-Markman.


Thomas Nickles Project

47 Orchard Street, New York, NY 10002

March 30 - May 18, 2024

"Inward Light" : Carlos Estévez

The conceptual underpinnings and formal qualities of "Inward Light" reflect Estévez’s interest in depictions of spiritual guidance —Art can be a beacon, for those who want to follow it.


title of work

57 Orchard Street, New York, NY 10002

April 10 - July 11, 2024

Opening Reception: Wednesday April 10, 6:30-8:30pm

"you should have been here last night'" : Hugh Crawford

Hugh crawford came to manhattan after graduating from bard college in 1978. After meeting elio fiorucci at a studio 54 party he became the photographer for events and parties at the fiorucci store, and also photographed at studio 54, the mudd club, cog, max's kansas city, danceateria, the peppermint lounge, and as the house photographer at xenon. Hugh then went to CalArts for an mfa. Returning to nyc and a photo studio on ludlow street. These photos were mostly taken from 1978 to 1981. Also shown are some pages from a photo address book.


Van Der Plas Gallery

156 Orchard Street, New York, NY 10002

April 19 - May 12, 2024

Opening Reception: Friday April 19,


"Devon Marinac: The Spin of the Whirled" : Devon Marinac

Often in poignant and comical ways, Marinac uses art as a vehicle to understand his own life and the world around him through recycling and reimagining found materials. Being both influenced by and involved in the Canadian drawing movement, the artist finds merit and influence in the Funk art of the bay area, COBRA, genre fiction, and a multitude of twentieth-century writers. His artwork has been reviewed in the Comics Journal, published in BOMB Magazine, and exhibited throughout Canada and in New York City.


Voltz Clarke Gallery

195 Chrystie Street, New York, NY 10002

April 4 - May 4, 2024


"Constellations" : Karen Tompkins

With glittering points of light and pulsing rays shooting across the canvas, Karen Tompkins’ new series, Constellations, evokes the grandeur of the stars and the mysterious depths of the night sky. As an artist who engages with the topic of astronomy and the constellations, Tompkins immediately situates herself within a long lineage of creative predecessors, such as Vincent Van Gogh, most recognized for capturing the drama of a starry night. However, the constellations have captured man’s imagination for millennia, beginning with cave artists in France and Germany. As Tompkins depicts the vastness of outer space with her art, the constellations continue to offer endless generative possibilities for her to explore.


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