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DEcember 10,


(check with each gallery for time)

No appointment or tickets needed.

Blade Study

17 Pike Street, New York, NY 10002

October, 28 – December 10, 2024

"Lunar Anus" : Avery Z. Nelson

Avery Z. Nelson presents seven paintings as part of "Lunar Anus." In Georges Bataille’s Visions of Excess there is a chapter called Solar Anus, in which the 20th century French theorist proposes two primary motions: rotation and sexual movement. The first answers for celestial movements, the turning of the earth, which accounts for the second motion, the source of being, coitus. In this body of work, Nelson proposes a third type of movement: fluidity, a motion which exists as an abstraction of direction, a deterritorialized movement that cannot be predicted. A spark. Nelson’s third movement accounts for the sensation and experience of change, response. Like: fight, flight, delight.


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