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On August 18th, the following galleries remain open from
4 pm-8 pm to allow visitors to engage with the vibrant art community in the Lower East Side.

No appointment or tickets needed.

54E Henry Street, New York, NY 10002

August 5 - September 4, 2022


Artist Anner Cohen’s oil paintings are the result of a multi-stage process, which begins with staging and photographing scenes of food, rotten fruit or human figures. The photographs are then manipulated in a code-based image processing program. Metadata, scraped from social media and other corners of the internet are inserted into the program, altering their structure, saturation and texture of the original image. 

88 Essex Street (inside Essex Market) New York, NY 10002

August 12 - August 27, 2022


Cuchifritos Gallery + Project Space and Residency Unlimited (RU) are pleased to present Presence, a summer group exhibition examining literal, conceptual, and metaphorical representations of the human. The exhibition will feature new works realized by RU artists-in-residence Jakub Choma (Czech Republic), Fernanda Feher (Brazil), Hamza Kirbas (Turkey), Enxhi Mehmeti (Germany/Kosovo), and Andrew M. Mezvinsky (Austria/US).

300 Broome St. NY, NY 10002

July 14 - August 26, 2022

Philip Akkerman

169 Bowery, New York, NY 10002

Until August 26, 2022

Women at War

Women at War features works by a selection of the leading contemporary women artists working in Ukraine, and provides a context for the current war, as represented in art across media. Several works in the exhibition were made after February 24, 2022, when Russia began full-scale invasion; others date from the eight years of war following the annexation of Crimea and the creation of separatist “republics” in Donbas in 2014.

34 East Broadway

July 28 - August 27, 2022


FROSCH&CO is pleased to present Re-Master, featuring artists Dennis Dawson, Steve Greene, Eva Lake, Jeanne Verdoux, Becky Yazdan, and Robert Yoder. What does it mean to create new work in our contemporary environment? New things proliferate, yet so many are forgotten. The spine breaks on a library book and the cover falls off, never to be returned. We throw out the shower curtains we bought for our last apartment. We rinse and repeat. Unsent postcards collect dust under a stack of old photographs.

154 Orchard Street New York, NY 10002

August 5th - August 21st, 2022

Rene Nascimento: Vibrant Scenes of the City

Rene Nascimento is a Brazilian artist living in New York who holds a Fine Arts degree from the school of Fine Arts of the Federal University of Minas Gerais, Brazil, has studied at the Fine Art Institute of FAAP SP, Parque Lage RJ, and Art Students League of New York. He worked in Brazil with textile and Interior Design and has exhibited in Brazil, the United States, and Europe. His varied themes include portraits of famous people, large murals for public spaces, and his currently known theme of "NYC Bicycles."

149 Orchard St New York, NY 10002

August 10th 2022 - September 8th 2022

13th Annual Emerging To Established Summer Group Show

A snapshot of the contemporary art world: Dave Pollot. Hijack. Kunstrasen. Yuki Matsueda. Jeffrey Robb. Sergio Farfan. Chris Rwk. Miles Jaffe. Andy Adamson. Penny. Mikael Takacs. Peter combe. Marius Sperlich. Alex Gross. Michael Mapes.


175 Rivington Street, NY, NY 10002

July 27 – August 26, 2022

FLORA and FAWNA - Season of Growth and Beasts

Exhibition of work in various media from Abstraction to Representation, including a number of phantasmagorical works, and commenting on the wide range of plant and animal life that enchants us during the summer months. The exhibition alludes to all that stimulates our senses during the height of the summer — when the many scents become natural opiates, when animal life is in full swing and plant growth seems to overwhelm us. All what appeared fresh and light and new in the spring turns full and laden with the weight of blossoms, leaves and the intense cacophony of animal cries. Exhibition Walk Thru and RECEPTION: THURSDAY, AUGUST 18 | 6-8 PM.

5 E Broadway, New York NY, 10038

July 30 - September 11, 2022

Heaven Above Sea Below

Group show curated by Reilly Davidson and Jacques Louis Vidal featuring works by David Muenzer, Michelle Uckotter, Stefan Hoza, Sydney Shen, Van Hanos, Aramis Gutierrez, Ryan Foerster, Edward Kienholz

13 Monroe Street, New York NY, 10002

August 6 - September 9, 2022

Prisoners' Dilemma

Artists: Ricci Albenda, Nobutaka Aozaki, Mike Cloud, EJ Hauser, Allen Hung-Lun Chen, Vanessa Gully-Santiago, Marianne Vitale
Curated by Jerry Blackman

48 Hester St, New York, NY, 10002

August 11 - August 31, 2022

“Wet Dream Tomato” is a commonly misheard lyric from the 2009 Alicia Keys and Jay-Z song, “Empire State of Mind.” Artists in the show examine cultural disconnects - public versus personal perceptions of self, the existence of multiple realities, and blurred lines between truth and myth. Exhibited works weave between pop-cultural puns and one-liners, using humor as an entry point into these collective conversations. 

127 Eldridge St, New York, NY, 10002

August 18 - September 10, 2022

Inaugural  group show "All My Friends"

47 Orchard Street

July 7 – August, 27, 2022

Torn Canvas Project

Characterized by curiosity, diversity, and inventiveness, William Pérez’s work embodies transformation. In a multimedia conceptual piece and red acrylic drawings on canvas, each a display of raw emotion, he explores restlessness with his creative process, rebelliousness against inertia, and a desire for radical change.

156 Orchard Street

Bingo Lingo“  

Jason McLean and Davon Marinac


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