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May  2023


On Sunday, May 14th,
the following galleries remain open from 4 pm -7 pm
to allow visitors to engage with the vibrant art community in the Lower East Side.

No appointment or tickets needed.


56 Henry 
56 and 105 Henry Street, New York, NY 10002
April 20, 2023 - June 4, 2023

Jo Messer : Eat Me



34 E Broadway

April 20 - May 28, 2023

Joe Wardwell : Present Company Excepted 

Joe Wardwell’s work is built from many layers, combining landscape imagery with text and abstraction. While pushing against each other, the various elements create tension and energy that result in the artist’s unique visually complex paintings. The abstract, the landscape, and the text imagery are as much at odds with each other as they are striving for visual harmony.


Hyacinth Gallery
179 Canal st #4B
May 5 - June 11

Melody Tuttle : 24-Hour World

The visual appeal of Tuttle’s seemingly effortless composition is undercut by a precise and considered attention to line and form. Subtle geometric interventions upset the fluidity of each silhouette and create a painterly tension within the silent narrative of her often distressed figures. The source of the despondency in Tuttle’s tonality is never articulated, but themes of personal hygiene and domestic intimacies expose the tenuous distinction between public and private life, and in displaying their personal traumas, reveal simultaneously a desirable ideal and a relatable malaise. 


McKenzie Fine Art

55 Orchard Street, New York, NY 10002

May 12 - June 25, 2023

Don Voisine

In Don Voisine’s taut and elegant paintings, simple geometries are set against light or dark grounds, flanked top and bottom by bands of contrasting color. In this latest body of work, diamond and lozenge shapes and cruciform arrangements predominate.   A hallmark of Voisine’s paintings is his use of contrasting matte and glossy sections and directional brushwork to crisply differentiate his geometries. Working in oil, and in some instances, oil and acrylic, his overlapping, adjacent, and nesting forms are markedly frontal in this new work, recalling emblems, badges, and heraldic shapes.



127 Eldridge St New York, NY 10002

April 20 - May 21, 2023

Sally Paul : Banana Walk

Shelter is proud to announce Sally Paul’s solo exhibition “Banana Walk”. Made from acrylic, acrylic peels and painting medium on wood panel, the work evokes toothsome textiles with a focus on texture, finish, color interactions, simple geometric compositions and framing devices. Paint is poured and squeezed rather than dabbed and brushed. Wavering pressure, errant air bubbles, and subtle movements of the body are all captured and encapsulated in the paint, creating clues pointing the viewer to the artist’s hand and process. 



47 Orchard Street

April 20 - June 11. 2023

Linet Sánchez : I Remember This Room

Thomas Nickles Project is pleased to announce the first NYC solo exhibition of Cuban- born artist Linet Sánchez; I Remember this Room is designed as an in-depth journey into the artist’s mind and features images developed between 2013 and 2021.


Van Der Plas Gallery
156 Orchard Street, New York, NY, 10002
May 03 - May 21, 2023

Jason McLean & Devon Marinac : No Fric(k)tion

(NEW YORK, NY) Van Der Plas presents No Fric(k)tion at the gallery’s location on the Lower East Side, 156 Orchard Street, New York, NY. The exhibition introduces Jason McLean and Devon Marinac, two of the gallery’s represented artists, as collaborators. McLean’s drawing titled No Fric(k)tion (2022) is the inspiration for the title and a key piece that cohesively brings together the visual and conceptual basis for presenting the work made by both artists.


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